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Political Prancing

So it’s come out in the news that although the Saudi Royal verbally claims support for the Iran deal they are in fact working against the deal. They are doing this by funding special interest groups in America to spread propaganda.

This is politics in its raw form. It’s not about right or wrong it’s about the will of the rulers. They use propaganda to control opinions. The sad part is that the average person I talk with outright believes this propaganda without researching their claims. If one does put even a few minutes into research they will instantly see that not everything is so clear cut.

So I’m encouraging you to research claims that people make, even myself. Don’t believe anything that anyone says without looking into the facts behind the claim. The true issue lies not in the liar spreading lies but in the gullible accepting the lie without a challenge. That mindset is what leads not only to error but to a carnal mindset based on violence and attacking rather than understanding a person and acting diplomatically.

So let’s do our research and not allow anybody to tell us what to think. Let’s take responsibility and continue to work towards truth and away from error. Only then can we progress in our relationships and promote peace throughout the world.


Why should the purpose of immigration be to serve the benefit of the target countries citizenry? When one person moves from one country to another they  are doing it to better their lives, right? I understand the citizens want control but is that control justified?

Many wouldn’t put up with their neighbor telling them what to do, so why is it okay to do that same exact thing to another person who is looking to be your new neighbor? An economy grows by productivity not by merely faking your way. When a business is productive and turns a profit that profit gets reinvested. This can be done many ways from making a better product, lowering the cost of making a product, making more of the product and creating jobs, improving the quality of your workers by higher pay or acquiring more skills. The choices are nearly endless.

When companies sell their product or service they benefit those people. Today, nearly everybody has a smartphone because companies convinced them that having one would make their lives better. While many would start a debate on this point nobody would deny that we are more connected and informed, should we want to be, than ever before. Want to know something? You have free online courses, Search Engines, and YouTube. Some is free but most is provided by profits from productive companies. They offered a service/product and received money in return. You paid for the phone and the service, as just one of many examples.

Just like businesses, people look to provide a service and get paid in return. Also, as businesses provide and receive a return people provide a service and make a return. People sell their time to make money. Everybody benefits because the choices are mutual. Why should people be hindered by who they sell their time to?

There is nothing criminal  (victim, violation, and reparations) of one person going from one area to the next. Americans do it when we pack up and move on to the next State. Why should it be different because you’re not from that State? If we are honest with ourselves then we should stop immigration from between states. Let’s just see how well that goes. America is about being free to do what you want wherever you want, provided nobody is violated. If that dream is destroyed then America isn’t American. It will become the greatest Oxymoron ever.

Stop pointing at me!

So American news channels decided it was a huge deal that an Iranian ship pointed it’s guns at an American helicopter. Its probably the only ship in their decrepite navy that actually has a functioning gun but that doesnt matter. Its funny that a world superpower would act so afraid of a weak nation that only fights in self-defense.

I’m sure later we will find out that the protocol was probably common in that area. Just another piece of propaganda to add to Americans perspective of Iran. Sure, there are historical and logical reasons why things today exist the way they are but why bother when FOX or CNN tell me how to behave?

If Americans should be afraid of anything its their apathy towards learning.

Pagan Prayers and Christian Hypocrites

Pastors that pray in words and not in Spirit are acting along the lines of Pagans. Pagans pray repitious prayers to give th appearance of humility while denying that humility in their actions. Actions speak louder than words and a pastor speaks louder by his actions than his words. Pagan pastors pray in words but deny them by their actions. God called the Church to be set apart not entangled with the world.

Repitious prayers are words of appeasement to the gods of the Pagans. Their prayers are done out of appeasement rather than out of choice. Christians pray to the living God which is why the prayers are lively not reptition. When Christians pray but then act against their own prayers they are acting as Pagans while attempting to wear a veil of Christianity. This is hypocrisy through and through and nobody wins. Although their sin might be lightly veiled they only harm themselves and others by not growing in the Spirit themselves and by giving Pagans an allowance to curse God for such hypocrisy. Will God bless a Pagan Christian mocking His name by covering himself in Christian language while acting no different than a Pagan? Better yet, can God’s Word reach others and change them when the very people speaking act contrary to the words the speak?

Hypocrisy is a major issue in the Church today. Individuals such as Franklin Graham project a form of Christianity in seeking God to influence others but then destroy their beliefs by then seeking agents such as government to force Christianity on others. Every Christian needs to see this hypocrisy for what it is and expose it for what it is. Otherwise, you’re commending hypocrisy and when it’s exposed you are seen as the fool and your message is rejected. Instead of seeking change by persuasion, Pagans seek change by power. When the Church seeks power it is acting like a Pagan. How is the Church to convince Pagans to be like Christians when they themselves act like Pagans?

Hypocrisy helps nobody. It’s high time that ignorant pastors cease their speaking unless they have an allowance to speak. It’s better to know what to say than speak without wisdom. A silent fool is wiser than a loudmouth moron. Even the Bible attests that this is true. The Church can only thrive when it acts like Jesus. It’s time the Church turns inwardly and examines sound doctrine and look to its own affairs rather than condemning the world outside it’s walls. That’s not only what is reasonable but it is what Paul told the Church to do. God will judge the world but judgment will begin at the House of God and will be administered by God Himself. It’s time that the Church prays in Spirit and by actions.

The Satanic Christian

“He who presides over a system which aims at nothing higher than formalism, is far more a servant of the devil than a minister of God.”

– C.H. Spurgeon

Can it be said that a Christian can serve the Devil? Many Christians assume that what Jesus meant to be done by persuasion and in the Spirit was actually meant to be done by force and carnal ambitions. Obviously this is a lie because violent force and carnal ambitions were not what led Jesus to exaltation but rather led to his demise, but for a moment. He was killed for His persuasion and living in the Spirit. So what can be said of today’s Christians who seek to throw off the shackles of Satan and assume control of the State?

Political ambition in the Bible is not a topic of endearment. In fact, two Apostles tried to get their mother to work a deal with Jesus so they would have power in His new Kingdom. You can read about that in Matthew 20:25-28. They thought physical power and carnal ambitions were going to get them far. They learned the hard way and paid with their lives but especially more so, with their freedoms.

I recently came across a posting from a mega church that stated a phrase in such a way that I had to think twice. Some attempt to wrap their phrases is sophisticated and highly mannered language so as to get a quick “Amen” before you have a chance to think before speaking. That may not have been their intention and I give them the benefit but they still have to answer and I made sure to show them the fallacy of their statement. It stated, “Nothing is politically right when it’s morally wrong”. The phrase sounds grammatically incorrect but I’m not going to get into that. Essentially, it means that that which is morally wrong shouldn’t be politically allowable. That sounds nice but it essentially means that morality should be legislated. There are many problems and I outlined a few.

1. Jesus never said this. Jesus knew that sins were wrong but He never demanded nor did He teach that moral laws were to political laws. For example, he believed Adultery was sinful yet He was unwilling to politically condemn the woman and instead forgave her by doing so. He implied that Nicodemus was stealing as a tax collector, which was normal back then, but He didn’t bring criminal charges. Heck, He was condemned while the people legislated morality to free a murderer, Democracy in action as the larger crowd gets what it wants, and condemn a just man.

2. Whose morality gets enforced and for how long? Christians love to make quotes about legislating morality but they open a Pandora’s Box when they forget that the same allowance is made for the larger crowd, especially in a Democracy. Laws are immutable and agreeable amongst all but when legality gets perverted by chosen one morality over the next it’s just a matter of time before the power changes hands and Christians are the ones being judged for not following the morality of the current rulers. As Christians are not in the majority, this way of thinking is dangerous, worldly, and ultimately a weapon against the Church and not a tool for the Church. An example would be how many Christians attempted to pass the Defense of Marriage Act upon all Americans but then cried out when not only it didn’t pass but homosexuals were able to sway public opinion to allow them to marry. Might makes right is not the way a Christian should live by. I would want the laws to be just across the board so that no matter who was in charge you wouldn’t have to fear unless you were the criminal.

3. Jesus didn’t teach that morality was to be forced upon the world by the State. Romans 12:2 says, “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind…” Christians are to be transformed by the renewal of the mind (persuasion and education) rather than being conformed to the world. The world seeks conformity and does so by force. Christians, like Jesus, are to seek change by persuasion and truth not violence.

In conclusion, a person that holds to their faith should really understand what it’s founder taught and how they lived. In this case, it’s Jesus. Many cute phrases and snappy political statements make well for powerful messages but are you forsaking your faith to find power? Or are you staying faithful while finding power in what aligns with what your faith teaches? If we stand for nothing then we will fall for anything. Never be too prideful to ignore plain and simple truths and never be too ignorant to believe anything anybody says. Always be vigilant. A Christian serves the Devil when he seeks to force his morality on others to make them act like a Christian while neglecting the true in working of actually accepting the beliefs of what makes a person a true follower of Jesus. Without a change of inward thinking the outward man is nothing more than a robot supressing himself to conform to what Christians expect of him. Force without conversion leads to Christian actions without a Believers heart. What is more damnable to the Church than actively seeking robots rather than true believers in Jesus?

Abolish Ignorant Pastors

“Better abolish pulpits than fill them with men who have no experimental knowledge of what they teach.”

– C.H. Spurgeon

Too often I hear of Preachers and Teachers in the Christian Church telling the world of a topic they have little to no knowledge of. Franklin Graham wanted Muslims to be banned from immigrating to America. Don Stewart and Greg Laurie proclaim news of Iran previously unheaed of in 2 thousand years. They will glad sell you their latest book revealing this truth for the low price of $19.99 and at only 100 pages.

Although these teachers and preachers may mean well they are actually damaging the pulpit. They have spoken out of line and are causing grief when they had to license to speak.

Franklin Graham has turned into a bigot blaming all Muslims when one acts out of line. Yet he condemns others who use the same logic to condemn Christianity when a Christian acts out of line. Hypocrisy? I will let you decide.

Don Stewart and Greg Laurie frequently attack any peaceful resolution with Iran. They lack credible facts and ignore the facts that discredit their stance. Too often many want to criticize Iran for 1979 but ignore the US overthrowing the democracy in 1953 in order to setup the Dictator Mohammad Reza Shah. They ignore the original language and assume a modern sounding country is the same as the Greek when that mindset has led many to make false assertions and false doctrines.

In conclusion, Christian leaders need to be held accountable for their errors and should repent of such blatant bigotry and prejudice. America is a country like all others and far from innocent. Instead of attacking Muslims and Iran, the Christian Church should focus more on what it stands for. It’s not for the furtherance of the faux American Exceptionalism by which the blood of the Savior ran red but for the salvation of the lost both Jew and Greek, Male and Female, Muslim, Gay and straight that He paid the penalty for all. Why seek to undo in the flesh what God has done by His sacrifice?

Persian Peace?

Iran and America have come to an agreement. With the lifting of some of the sanctions Iranians can now gain access to markets they were either blocked or regulated to a minimal allowance. America also needs to realign a more peaceful relationship with Iran.

Trade will bring greater benefits than war ever could. In a trade both benefit while in war both lose by huge financial losts. Germany just paid off its World War 1 debts, so imagine how much debt still has yet to be paid off from the wars we have today.

Not all is peachy as the Congress gets to debate the deal and possibly deny any peaceful resolution. At this point in time, war isn’t an option except for the fool and the foolhearted. My hope is that Iran can be more integrated with the world and in doing so will feel obligated to give up its more maligned perspectives. The persecution of religious minorities is one area of concern for me.

My hope for individuals like Saeed is that Iranian officials will now feel pressured to do the right thing towards these people who have committed no true crimes. There are no victims, no actual crime, and no reparations for any criminal action. As such they have not right to withold these people from freedom. Peace and prosperity will flourish as we are allowed to trade and interact with one another. Let’s us press onward and encourage our politicians to do the same.

The Profits of Doing Business Together

Profits are the driving force behind any business. A business will choose to invest in profitable goods and services otherwise they go bankrupt. Nobody wants to go bankrupt.

Those who produce goods snd services must serve consumers. Consumers are those who purchase the producers goods and service, you and me. They don’t force consumers to buy their goods, but they seek to satisfy the consumers wants and needs.

Producers must pay attention and see what consumers really want so they can make a profitable decision. This is Capitalism through and through.

We can buy better and faster electronics due to producers producing what we want and need. What a wonderful system where we learn to serve one another for the betterment of both. A producer can make a profit by properly serving the consumer. The profit leads to buying more efficient equipment and the savings can be passed along to the consumer as well. All while both parties benefit from the exchange.

Imagine a machine that can make a $1,000 computer for $600. Then imagine a more efficient machine that can produce that same $1,000 computer at not $600 but $400. Now, imagine the company lowered the price to $800. You would be purchasing the same computer for $200 less but their cost would be 50% of the price instead of paying $1,000 and their cost being 60% of the price. The producer makes 10% more and the consumer pays 20% less. No violence was needed and both groups end up better than before the purchase. This is just one of many examples why profit is necessary and how everybody benefits from doing business together.

Taking back America

Christians in America have been shouting this slogan for some time now. Much of that slogan has more to do with Nationalism and politics than following Jesus.

Jesus certainly didn’t say, “Let us take back the Roman Empire, for God”. Jesus not only warned against seeking power like the Gentiles do (Matthew 20:25-28) but the Bible reveals that human governance originated with Pagans who appear to have wanted a human leader to guide them (1 Samuel 8). Since pagans weren’t worshipping God its understandable why they chose a visible man. Israel committed a great sin and God told Samuel that it was not Samuel’s leadership they were rejecting but His leadership (1 Samuel 8:1). God does allow human governance to exist but man’s authority is not absolute. Isaiah 33:22 reveals that it is truly God who is King, judge and the only lawgiver.

So why are Christians seeking power? My guess is that many are upset with the recent ruling on homosexual marriage being made legal. Rather than accept there will be a difference between marriage according to the Bible from marriage according to the State, some Christians think they need a 51% majority to do anything. Encouraging people to run for office is a scary notion when you understand how ignorant most are of not just basic principles of private property rights but of their own faith. Also, campaigning on religious overtones is not an unfamiliar tactic of the most deceptive and vile of politicians. What’s the best thing for Christians to do? Stop empowering the State. Stop worshipping war and soldiers when those holidays come around. Afterall, Jesus broke all notions of prejudice when He spoke of their neither being Jew nor Greek and also spoke of treating not just fellow Christians with respect but treating all people with respect. For if we only respect those we agree with then how are Christians any different than adherents to other faiths?

Now is a time for peace and so much depends on us all. Since it depends on us let us make the most of it and treat one another fairly. Rather than seeking power let us seek peace.