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Mrs. Albright

Today’s post is just a comment on an article. I wanted to present this to show who supports the Iran deal and why. Even Madeleine Albright, Secretary of State under the Clinton Administration, is coming out in agreement with the Iran deal. She correctly points out that engaging in dialogue is important. Without a discussion we digress into fear and base our thoughts more on paranoia and “what if” scenarios that prove less reliable than actually discussing the issues.

Read her statement here:

The Persian Spring

Opening up doors to trade benefits both parties. When one sells what they produce and another buys then both receive the benefits. One gains by buying a product with either superior quality, lower price, or even both. The Market provides services which compliment both. The other gains by being able to sell a product or service for money. You gotta spend money to make money.

Iran is in a state of revolution. No, not a political revolution but an economical revolution. For the first time in nearly a half a century relations will be normalized. This isn’t just for America but for the world at large. Many are catching on to the possibilities of what they could do with the Iranian market.

I advocate trade and Capitalism as the true means of peace. Both benefit by mutual trade. Whereas, war benefits nobody. Many think the victor has benefited when in reality the victor has redirected resources to build products that get destroyed. I cannot detail what may happen but we will be seeing a very interesting Iran in the coming years.

Although we are beginning to enter the winter season I feel that Iran has truly entered a Spring time of possibilities. I for one, cannot wait to see that happen