Abolish Ignorant Pastors

“Better abolish pulpits than fill them with men who have no experimental knowledge of what they teach.”

– C.H. Spurgeon

Too often I hear of Preachers and Teachers in the Christian Church telling the world of a topic they have little to no knowledge of. Franklin Graham wanted Muslims to be banned from immigrating to America. Don Stewart and Greg Laurie proclaim news of Iran previously unheaed of in 2 thousand years. They will glad sell you their latest book revealing this truth for the low price of $19.99 and at only 100 pages.

Although these teachers and preachers may mean well they are actually damaging the pulpit. They have spoken out of line and are causing grief when they had to license to speak.

Franklin Graham has turned into a bigot blaming all Muslims when one acts out of line. Yet he condemns others who use the same logic to condemn Christianity when a Christian acts out of line. Hypocrisy? I will let you decide.

Don Stewart and Greg Laurie frequently attack any peaceful resolution with Iran. They lack credible facts and ignore the facts that discredit their stance. Too often many want to criticize Iran for 1979 but ignore the US overthrowing the democracy in 1953 in order to setup the Dictator Mohammad Reza Shah. They ignore the original language and assume a modern sounding country is the same as the Greek when that mindset has led many to make false assertions and false doctrines.

In conclusion, Christian leaders need to be held accountable for their errors and should repent of such blatant bigotry and prejudice. America is a country like all others and far from innocent. Instead of attacking Muslims and Iran, the Christian Church should focus more on what it stands for. It’s not for the furtherance of the faux American Exceptionalism by which the blood of the Savior ran red but for the salvation of the lost both Jew and Greek, Male and Female, Muslim, Gay and straight that He paid the penalty for all. Why seek to undo in the flesh what God has done by His sacrifice?

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