Pagan Prayers and Christian Hypocrites

Pastors that pray in words and not in Spirit are acting along the lines of Pagans. Pagans pray repitious prayers to give th appearance of humility while denying that humility in their actions. Actions speak louder than words and a pastor speaks louder by his actions than his words. Pagan pastors pray in words but deny them by their actions. God called the Church to be set apart not entangled with the world.

Repitious prayers are words of appeasement to the gods of the Pagans. Their prayers are done out of appeasement rather than out of choice. Christians pray to the living God which is why the prayers are lively not reptition. When Christians pray but then act against their own prayers they are acting as Pagans while attempting to wear a veil of Christianity. This is hypocrisy through and through and nobody wins. Although their sin might be lightly veiled they only harm themselves and others by not growing in the Spirit themselves and by giving Pagans an allowance to curse God for such hypocrisy. Will God bless a Pagan Christian mocking His name by covering himself in Christian language while acting no different than a Pagan? Better yet, can God’s Word reach others and change them when the very people speaking act contrary to the words the speak?

Hypocrisy is a major issue in the Church today. Individuals such as Franklin Graham project a form of Christianity in seeking God to influence others but then destroy their beliefs by then seeking agents such as government to force Christianity on others. Every Christian needs to see this hypocrisy for what it is and expose it for what it is. Otherwise, you’re commending hypocrisy and when it’s exposed you are seen as the fool and your message is rejected. Instead of seeking change by persuasion, Pagans seek change by power. When the Church seeks power it is acting like a Pagan. How is the Church to convince Pagans to be like Christians when they themselves act like Pagans?

Hypocrisy helps nobody. It’s high time that ignorant pastors cease their speaking unless they have an allowance to speak. It’s better to know what to say than speak without wisdom. A silent fool is wiser than a loudmouth moron. Even the Bible attests that this is true. The Church can only thrive when it acts like Jesus. It’s time the Church turns inwardly and examines sound doctrine and look to its own affairs rather than condemning the world outside it’s walls. That’s not only what is reasonable but it is what Paul told the Church to do. God will judge the world but judgment will begin at the House of God and will be administered by God Himself. It’s time that the Church prays in Spirit and by actions.

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