Why should the purpose of immigration be to serve the benefit of the target countries citizenry? When one person moves from one country to another they  are doing it to better their lives, right? I understand the citizens want control but is that control justified?

Many wouldn’t put up with their neighbor telling them what to do, so why is it okay to do that same exact thing to another person who is looking to be your new neighbor? An economy grows by productivity not by merely faking your way. When a business is productive and turns a profit that profit gets reinvested. This can be done many ways from making a better product, lowering the cost of making a product, making more of the product and creating jobs, improving the quality of your workers by higher pay or acquiring more skills. The choices are nearly endless.

When companies sell their product or service they benefit those people. Today, nearly everybody has a smartphone because companies convinced them that having one would make their lives better. While many would start a debate on this point nobody would deny that we are more connected and informed, should we want to be, than ever before. Want to know something? You have free online courses, Search Engines, and YouTube. Some is free but most is provided by profits from productive companies. They offered a service/product and received money in return. You paid for the phone and the service, as just one of many examples.

Just like businesses, people look to provide a service and get paid in return. Also, as businesses provide and receive a return people provide a service and make a return. People sell their time to make money. Everybody benefits because the choices are mutual. Why should people be hindered by who they sell their time to?

There is nothing criminal  (victim, violation, and reparations) of one person going from one area to the next. Americans do it when we pack up and move on to the next State. Why should it be different because you’re not from that State? If we are honest with ourselves then we should stop immigration from between states. Let’s just see how well that goes. America is about being free to do what you want wherever you want, provided nobody is violated. If that dream is destroyed then America isn’t American. It will become the greatest Oxymoron ever.

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