Political Prancing

So it’s come out in the news that although the Saudi Royal verbally claims support for the Iran deal they are in fact working against the deal. They are doing this by funding special interest groups in America to spread propaganda.

This is politics in its raw form. It’s not about right or wrong it’s about the will of the rulers. They use propaganda to control opinions. The sad part is that the average person I talk with outright believes this propaganda without researching their claims. If one does put even a few minutes into research they will instantly see that not everything is so clear cut.

So I’m encouraging you to research claims that people make, even myself. Don’t believe anything that anyone says without looking into the facts behind the claim. The true issue lies not in the liar spreading lies but in the gullible accepting the lie without a challenge. That mindset is what leads not only to error but to a carnal mindset based on violence and attacking rather than understanding a person and acting diplomatically.

So let’s do our research and not allow anybody to tell us what to think. Let’s take responsibility and continue to work towards truth and away from error. Only then can we progress in our relationships and promote peace throughout the world.

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