Persian Peace?

Iran and America have come to an agreement. With the lifting of some of the sanctions Iranians can now gain access to markets they were either blocked or regulated to a minimal allowance. America also needs to realign a more peaceful relationship with Iran.

Trade will bring greater benefits than war ever could. In a trade both benefit while in war both lose by huge financial losts. Germany just paid off its World War 1 debts, so imagine how much debt still has yet to be paid off from the wars we have today.

Not all is peachy as the Congress gets to debate the deal and possibly deny any peaceful resolution. At this point in time, war isn’t an option except for the fool and the foolhearted. My hope is that Iran can be more integrated with the world and in doing so will feel obligated to give up its more maligned perspectives. The persecution of religious minorities is one area of concern for me.

My hope for individuals like Saeed is that Iranian officials will now feel pressured to do the right thing towards these people who have committed no true crimes. There are no victims, no actual crime, and no reparations for any criminal action. As such they have not right to withold these people from freedom. Peace and prosperity will flourish as we are allowed to trade and interact with one another. Let’s us press onward and encourage our politicians to do the same.

The Profits of Doing Business Together

Profits are the driving force behind any business. A business will choose to invest in profitable goods and services otherwise they go bankrupt. Nobody wants to go bankrupt.

Those who produce goods snd services must serve consumers. Consumers are those who purchase the producers goods and service, you and me. They don’t force consumers to buy their goods, but they seek to satisfy the consumers wants and needs.

Producers must pay attention and see what consumers really want so they can make a profitable decision. This is Capitalism through and through.

We can buy better and faster electronics due to producers producing what we want and need. What a wonderful system where we learn to serve one another for the betterment of both. A producer can make a profit by properly serving the consumer. The profit leads to buying more efficient equipment and the savings can be passed along to the consumer as well. All while both parties benefit from the exchange.

Imagine a machine that can make a $1,000 computer for $600. Then imagine a more efficient machine that can produce that same $1,000 computer at not $600 but $400. Now, imagine the company lowered the price to $800. You would be purchasing the same computer for $200 less but their cost would be 50% of the price instead of paying $1,000 and their cost being 60% of the price. The producer makes 10% more and the consumer pays 20% less. No violence was needed and both groups end up better than before the purchase. This is just one of many examples why profit is necessary and how everybody benefits from doing business together.

Taking back America

Christians in America have been shouting this slogan for some time now. Much of that slogan has more to do with Nationalism and politics than following Jesus.

Jesus certainly didn’t say, “Let us take back the Roman Empire, for God”. Jesus not only warned against seeking power like the Gentiles do (Matthew 20:25-28) but the Bible reveals that human governance originated with Pagans who appear to have wanted a human leader to guide them (1 Samuel 8). Since pagans weren’t worshipping God its understandable why they chose a visible man. Israel committed a great sin and God told Samuel that it was not Samuel’s leadership they were rejecting but His leadership (1 Samuel 8:1). God does allow human governance to exist but man’s authority is not absolute. Isaiah 33:22 reveals that it is truly God who is King, judge and the only lawgiver.

So why are Christians seeking power? My guess is that many are upset with the recent ruling on homosexual marriage being made legal. Rather than accept there will be a difference between marriage according to the Bible from marriage according to the State, some Christians think they need a 51% majority to do anything. Encouraging people to run for office is a scary notion when you understand how ignorant most are of not just basic principles of private property rights but of their own faith. Also, campaigning on religious overtones is not an unfamiliar tactic of the most deceptive and vile of politicians. What’s the best thing for Christians to do? Stop empowering the State. Stop worshipping war and soldiers when those holidays come around. Afterall, Jesus broke all notions of prejudice when He spoke of their neither being Jew nor Greek and also spoke of treating not just fellow Christians with respect but treating all people with respect. For if we only respect those we agree with then how are Christians any different than adherents to other faiths?

Now is a time for peace and so much depends on us all. Since it depends on us let us make the most of it and treat one another fairly. Rather than seeking power let us seek peace.

Are you a pervert or have you been walking circumspectly?

I agree with defending this couple for the same reason I defend homosexuals having a right to associate and form contracts. Violence cannot be used against an innocent person who has committed no crime unless that person using the violence wants to be labeled a criminal themselves. This is why we call one a murderer and the other committing self-defense. It depends on who is doing the action and whether or not that action is just.

It is not just to use violence (fining this couple $135,000 and telling them to shut up by legal force) no more than it is just to block another couple from forming a contract simply because you disagree with their title and definition of the contract.

It’s hypocrisy for a person to defend this couple and yet attack homosexuals who wish to have a licensed State union.

A Time for Peace

I cannot wait for there to be an agreement between Iran and America. Their past has been full of turmoil with issues like Operation AJAX and the Iranian Revolution. However, Foreign Minister Javad Zarif is a level guy who knows how to work with others. At least that’s the impression I get from watching his actions and his words. We have much more to gain from a deal with Iran and much more to lose should politicians ruin this decision.

There seems to be a more hostile mindset from American politicians which the Iranians have been gracious to forgive. Let’s hope they learn how to behave and coexist with others they may not fully agree with. If we can do it with one another then we can do it with other nations as well.

SCOTUS redefines marriage; God counter-sues

Just kidding. Of course the way some Christians act would lead you to believe that this statement was true. Did Jesus not say His Kingdom was not of this world? Does the American government control the Church or does the Church control the government? Could neither be true?

God certainly hasn’t changed and neither has the Christian definition of marriage. So why are people upset? Understand that it’s okay to be upset but nothing has truly changed. Paul pointed out that we are not to judge those in the world but only those in the Church. He stated it clearly when he said,

“For what have I to do with judging outsiders? Is it not those inside the church whom you are to judge?” (1 Corinthians 5:12)

So instead of focusing on what goes on outside the Church we should rather focus on what goes on inside the Church. Scandals and extra-marital affairs are just as devastating to marriage as divorce. Why not judge these things and work to maintain Christian marriages? If we as Christians spent as much time talking about marriage and building up the family as we do speaking against homosexuality, then divorce and adultery wouldn’t be as prevalent. It’s time we get our priorities straight.

To those who say God will judge America, I hate to break it to you but all nations will be judged. Many countries have legalized homosexual marriage and they haven’t been destroyed nor has the institution of marriage been dashed to pieces. This rhetoric is merely fearmongering. It’s appealing to your fear not to your reasoning. Reject it for what it is, namely, a way to control you.

All that time spent speaking against homosexuality and pushing for control in the political realm has obviously been wasted and cannot be redeemed. Abandon that route and instead choose the route the Jesus did by encouraging, teaching and praying for His Kingdom to be done and His will to be done on earth as it is in Heaven. It starts with the Church.

The Issue of Marriage

Has government fixed the problem or merely enlarged the problem?

Are homosexuals really free to marry or are they still obedient slaves that must obey the State by ask for permission to be free?

Can Christians say that marriage has been destroyed because of a court ruling when Christians believe the Bible correctly defines marriage?

What are your thoughts?